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Adolfo Salgueiro, RRCA Certified Coach

Adolfo was born in New York City but lived in Latin America (Argentina and Venezuela) the first half of his life, thus he is fully bilingual in written and spoken English and Spanish. He started running around age 15 and by the age and by age 20 had completed four full marathons. After a devastating non-running related injury, he returned to the asphalt as a racewalker in 2012 and restarted his running career in 2015 at age 50. Since then, he has completed over 60 races, including 30+ half marathons and 5 marathons, thre of them, Marathon Majors.

As a certified running coach, Mr. Salgueiro brings to the table years of running, racewalking and racing experience, as well as vast knowledge on the subject obtained by read and research thanks to his voracious curiosity on the subject.

If you are interested in taking your running, walking or a combination of both to the next level, either because you want to get off the couch and walk your first 5K or to set up a personal best in your next marathon, send and email to foultips.running@gmail.com and start the conversation.

Looking forward to partnering with you on the journey.