Den Haag Half Marathon, September 2015

Den Haag Half Marathon, September 2015

Unfortunately for me, in one of my multiple moves between 1992 and 2014 I either lost or got rid of my running logs from my first life as a runner, so I don’t have all my races and PRs, but I remember a sub-20 in 5K when I was a Senior in High school, 42:08 in 10K; 1:36 in a half and my marathon PR is 3:32:08 (Caracas 1984). Of course, none of those records I count in my 2nd running life. My current PRs as a 53-year old are:


Races: 19
Personal Best -24:32
Run Through Central Park 2019
Plantation, Florida

Races: 7
Personal Best - 53:03
Flanigan’s Rockin’ Ribs 2018
Davie, Florida

Half Marathon
Races: 37
Personal best- 2:00:57
Publix A1A Half Marathon 2018
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Personal Best Racewalking - 2:36:13
A1A Half Marathon 2015
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Races: 9
Personal Best 1st life - 3:32:08
Caracas Marathon, 1984
Caracas, Venezuela

Personal Best 2nd life - 4:51:48
New York City 2017
New York, New York

Personal Best Racewalking - 5:33:31
Marine Corps Marathon 2014
Washington, DC